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About Us

At Sor Sumrit Muay Thai we are committed to providing a proactive and family friendly environment for our members to achieve their personal goals in self defense, physical fitness and combat sports. We seek to enhance your quality of life through our diverse and very affordable programs, that are taught by our amazing staff. If you are looking to lose weight, learn self defense, or looking to step into the ring or cage, we have classes, and offer Private and Semi Private Group training. Everything to fit your needs!

Sor Sumrit Muay Thai is more than just a gym. By joining, you not only become a member, but you become part of our gym family. Here you will find members that are receptive to any and all skill levels and physical fitness levels. Our members motivate each other as they achieve their goals under the watchful eyes of our professional coaching staff.

Stop by today and schedule a free trial class! We pride ourselves that regardless of your experience, skill set, or athletic ability, you will be comfortable in your training environment. From beginners to world class athletes, Sor Sumrit Muay Thai is the place for you!